Classic Dazzler Sunglasses

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Computer glasses are eyeglasses specifically designed for viewing computers, tablets, and smartphones. These specialized glasses are intended for close-up tasks, particularly when using digital devices. Here are some key points about computer glasses:

  1. Purpose: Computer glasses are meant to reduce the strain on your eyes during prolonged screen use. They address issues related to digital eye strain caused by focusing stress from computer work.
  2. Features:
    • Blue Light Filtering: Computer glasses often incorporate lenses with blue light filtering technology. This helps protect your eyes from the potentially harmful effects of extended digital device use.
    • Customized Prescription: They are customized to your prescription and specifically made for computer work, ensuring optimal viewing at the typical distance from the screen.
  3. Usage Recommendations:
    • Close-Up Tasks Only: Computer glasses should not be worn for driving or general-purpose use. They are designed for optimal viewing when sitting at your computer or using other digital devices.


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